Meet Amdocs Optima

Amdocs Optima is a digital customer management, billing and commerce platform, designed to rapidly and securely monetize any product or service. It currently serves more than one billion subscribers worldwide at 165 innovative communications contenders, MVNXs and Tier 2 cable/pay TV operators, providing them with wide opportunities to capture value within the enterprise segment. It is an end-to-end, open platform that can be deployed on premise or in the cloud to support the entire business lifecycle.

Pre-integrated richness to get you up and running in a snap

Amdocs Optima is the perfect solution to transport you into the digital ecosystem. It offers robust billing and charging engines, based on an open, future-ready business integration layer, topped with intuitive, smart user interfaces.

Smart, robust billing platform

Encompassing proven business support systems (BSS), Amdocs Optima enables swift onboarding, while supporting all networks and modern protocols. With its full range of revenue and customer management functions and tools, it allows you to start monetizing new offerings within only a few months.

Benefits include:

  • Flexible/commoditized convergence and billing: Supports all payment methods, as well as prepaid, postpaid and online charging options, with endless hierarchies to support any type of product/service offering or bundle. It also includes support for subscription, usage-based and “billing as a service” models.
  • Flexible deployment: Can be deployed in a private hosted environment, on a public cloud (including with AWS) or on premise.
  • Short time to value: Simple, table-driven configuration tables and rules, eliminates the need for development as part of new product rollout.
  • Multi-tenancy: Rapidly add new brands, integrate acquisitions and onboard partners without impacting existing operations, and without the need for additional resources or complex transformations. In parallel, different tenants can define and localize operations, including unique branding, invoice customizations, multiple languages and currencies and much more.
  • Multiple lines of business: Within a single instance or tenant, Amdocs Optima supports any number of lines of business (mobile, fixed-line, broadband, enterprises, Pay TV and others). In addition, its flexible catalog allows you to offer converged services to a sophisticated market.

Open, future-ready interoperability

Amdocs Optima’s business and integration layer is built on a microservices architecture, leveraging a range of open source technology. It offers a comprehensive, well-documented set of REST APIs, supporting swift and easy integration to any third-party application. Amdocs Optima also accommodates an extensive and evolving library of connectors for applications, platforms and communications protocols, including Salesforce, DropBox, Google Drive, Facebook, Hadoop and many others.

Purely digital experience

The Amdocs Optima Digital X user interface has evolved to enable a “self-service first” experience. This is driven by its channel interaction model, which supports a wide range of users, including end-customers, CSRs, B2B admins, catalog owners and system administrators. In addition, by harnessing cutting-edge web technologies, Digital X ensures a seamless cross-channel experience, while supporting the most important customer management use cases. It also implements intuitive customer journeys for key business functions, encompassing shopping functions for B2C and B2B customers.

Best value for money

  • Slashing total cost of ownership (TCO): With Oracle now optional rather than required, and with key third-party enterprise components replaced with reputable open-source equivalents, Amdocs Optima enables you to reduce both CAPEX and OPEX, while shrinking the cost of progress.
  • DevOps: Amdocs Optima leverages DevOps and CI/CD methodologies to ensure zero downtime for upgrades and new implementations, while delivering accelerated time to value.
  • Best ROI: Amdocs’ multi-tenancy and cloud-native capabilities, combined with our unrivalled experience delivering industry-leading innovation for over 35 years, ensures you receive the fastest possible return on your technology investment.

Strong roadmap and release cycle:

Amdocs Optima is continually developing new capabilities, which are released as part of a 90-day cycle. This enables us to re-prioritize core efforts based on customer need, while still driving towards a clear product end-state.

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