Up, up into the cloud we go!

Up, up into the cloud we go!

By now you’ve likely read the recent announcement issued by Amdocs together with Amazon Web Services (AWS) about how we will jointly develop solutions to help communications service providers drive the transition to digital faster and more cost-effectively.

But I’m not sure whether you know that Amdocs Optima is already being implemented on the AWS cloud, in production, supporting B2B scenarios in Europe.

You may wonder why you should care. Well… if you’re planning to increase revenue and market share, and you feel restricted by your current business support systems (BSS), as well as the hardware to support all your needs, you should definitely continue reading.

Telecom companies who choose to focus on the enterprise and small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) business segments can achieve a significant increase in revenue and market share. However, many operators find that they are unable to support the continuous demand for their corporate services while their business support systems (BSS) lack business flexibility and operational efficiency, and are not cost effective. Key challenges include legacy systems, the high cost of managing operations, and maintaining regulatory compliance. Additionally, many companies need to adopt a pan-regional architecture to onboard additional countries, regions, customer verticals, and products. This situation demands a significant change in both revenue and customer management systems, as well as in the IT environment.


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Today, the cloud can be the answer. Cloud resources provide a flexible, cost-efficient and secure mechanism for hosting the infrastructure required to support your growth strategies, including enterprise businesses and their unique customer requirements. When deployed on the AWS cloud, Amdocs Optima enables integration with the AWS DevOps pipeline, analytics, machine learning, IoT, and DevOps services. In addition, a cloud-native solution allows for reduced compliance related efforts, and greater simplicity and infrastructure cost efficiency for customers.

Discover the benefits of running Amdocs Optima, a converged billing and digital commerce platform, on AWS. Download the paper now to learn more

Up, up into the cloud we go!