The Customer – Obsessed Digital Enterprise

The Customer – Obsessed Digital Enterprise

Working with Forrester Consulting on the Modernize Billing Solutions to Future-Proof Customer Relationships research, I was introduced to a the term “Customer-obsessed organizations”. This made me think: are businesses really “obsessed” with their customers? What does it even mean for an enterprise, to be “customer-obsessed” or develop a “customer-obsessed culture”? I believe it means just that—enterprises that are preoccupied with the customer experience and journey, and are focused on all the aspects that frame it, putting the customer in the middle of every action and operation that the organization plans and executes.the customer obsessed digital enterprise “So, what’s new about that?” you ask, much like I did. Enterprises have been talking about customer centricity for years, right? So the short answer is yes, they have. But what have they been doing about it? Well, in this case, the short answer is “not enough”. In the Forrester Consultancy research, 58% of digital enterprises (enterprises that engage with their customers online, whether via subscription billing, recurring billing solutions, or any other form of commerce engagement models) admitted that their customers are demanding more flexible billing and commerce options. This means that to this day, customers are still struggling with the options the digital billing platforms currently present to them, finding the interaction with the enterprise to be somewhere on the spectrum between “ok, I finally figured out what I need to do here” and “I’m frustrated”. 39% of digital enterprises claim that the current solution they have is just too complicated. Who among us hasn’t spent long minutes staring at the screen, combing the page to find that shopping cart icon and proceed to checkout? Or struggled when they had to change their address or insert a new payment method? Who has never abandoned an online purchase because it was just taking too long? Should our customer journey feel like an obstacle course? These are not symptoms of a “customer-obsessed” organization.


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This also checks back with the vendors. Just as digital enterprises need to step up their enterprise billing platforms, vendors also need to deliver a sophisticated solution that will deliver swift, easy- to-implement, scalable and secure solutions that will enable the digital enterprises to profitably grow their business, while cultivating their long term relations with their customers. 

The Customer - Obsessed Digital Enterprise