Next generation MVNOs – moving beyond pricing

Next generation MVNOs – moving beyond pricing

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) are a fascinating fixture in the telecom industry. When first introduced in Europe a little over a decade ago, little did we know that this concept would have such a profound impact on the telecommunications market. But it did! The increased competition, introduced by the MVNOs’ low pricing, has led to slashed consumer prices. This, in turn, also dragged down telecom revenues and profits. However, these changes also presented an opportunity, and service providers that were fast enough to identify it and act accordingly suffered less, if at all.

With the increase in acquisitions and consolidations, regulators are even more inclined to use MVNOs as a buffer to make sure competition stays intense and prices remain low. It is clear that MVNOs are here to stay, but what’s next for them?
Amdocs Compact Convergence caters to this segment on multiple fronts. Serving MVNOs as well as Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNEs), we engaged Telesperience to deliver a comprehensive research report to provide the hard facts backed by numbers. The results have provided a better understanding of leading trends, requirements and must-haves to better engage with this segment.

Through anonymous interviews with MVNOs across the world, Telesperience has exposed fascinating results and insights, drilling into the real motivations of MVNOs and reaffirming what we’ve heard from our existing customers, adding depth and strength to our proposition to this segment. The results and conclusions are presented in a recently published research report.


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The fact is that although 71% of MVNOs developed their billing infrastructure in-house, many are still struggling with time to market challenges, required flexibility and total cost of ownership. Service providers, as enablers to MVNOs, must take these findings into consideration if they want to leverage this revenue stream, and take part in the growth MVNOs are expecting to see over the next two years.

The MVNO requirements uncovered during the research resonates with Amdocs Compact Convergence’s rich experience, proven product capabilities, flexibility, pricing and managed services offerings. I believe you will find the research findings interesting and useful to your business. To learn more about the future of MVNOs, download the full whitepaper here.

Next generation MVNOs – moving beyond pricing