Is efficiency the ultimate answer to your MVNO discounting question?

Is efficiency the ultimate answer to your MVNO discounting question?

More than four out of ten MVNOs perceive discounting to be one of their top three differentiators. However, supporting a discounting strategy requires a high level of efficiency and cost control. The challenge is that the biggest cost MVNOs have – mobile capacity – is largely out of their hands, which means there is even more pressure on the costs within their control.

Is there an answer? Yes!

Efficient business support systems (BSS) can help communication service providers (CSPs) control and lower their costs. Furthermore, using either a managed service or MVNE strategy can make costs far more predictable. However, as important as efficiency is to sustain discounting, its effects are much wider reaching. Efficiency also enables the MVNO to deliver the type of customer experience that customers expect – meeting their needs and ensuring that enquiries are answered effectively, ordering works the first time without any hitches, and bills & charges are accurate and expected.

Essential agility

Efficiency is also required to deliver agility. It is common knowledge that in the future customers will want to make changes more frequently to their price plans and bundles, and MVNOs will want to rollout new offers and products more often. Supporting innovation and change requires both a high level of operational efficiency, and systems flexible enough to new marketing ideas as and when they arise.


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The importance of automation

Automation has a big part to play in any efficiency story and, when done well, can contribute substantially to reducing costs and enabling scalable innovation. Automation can also help hide complexity and tailor offerings to the customer, delivering a simpler but more personalized buying experience.

Efficiency: The Ultimate Answer

Increasing process and systems efficiency is essential for MVNOs to succeed on both the B2C and the B2B side of the market, and some MVNOs are already working hard to improve their efficiency. MVNOs who say that the limitations of their current IT systems are one of their biggest barriers to future success are sticking their heads in the sand, and will simply be out-competed by rivals who are more agile, have a lower cost base and can innovate more rapidly.

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Is efficiency the ultimate answer to your MVNO discounting question?