How managed services can efficiently offer new value to service providers

How managed services can efficiently offer new value to service providers

The demand for superior customer experience alongside slimming margins and increasing competition further encourage service providers to look for ways to reduce capital and operating expenses, while still getting great value from their investment.

The main trend, especially in the MVNO domain, over and above the small or new operators, is to move to a “pay as you grow” model. This translates to minimal initial onboarding and operational costs – later costs will arrive only after their market share grows.

How to establish maximum efficiency

In order to meet such needs and still keep a profitable business, a vendor must aim for operational efficiency and IT reliability with minimal operation cost. This can be achieved via a few options, including a stable product that requires minimal operation efforts, cloud-based solutions, Software as a Service (SaaS) model and a multi-tenant product that can share the same hardware among multiple operators.

Further efficiency can be gained by implementing a product that can be operated by a lean and professional managed services team who will oversee its day-to-day operation. This will allow operators to focus on their business strategy, promote their business through new marketing initiatives, and accelerate realization of their goals.

What makes a managed service exceptional?

Customers seek the ability to proactively perform operations using monitoring tools that go beyond just the IT aspects; they strive to use a tool that allows the operations team to come up with creative solutions and identify potential problems long before they actually impact end users.

Professional managed services teams use sophisticated business analytics tools that support detailed analysis of traffic behavior. This also allows service providers to quickly identify the functions of newly rolled out services and identify any malfunction.

The best managed services teams also deeply understand business trends, so they can create and implement new services quickly, in conjunction with the service provider’s marketing and engineering teams. The most advanced platforms include a service creation environment to support quick rollout of new services or modification of existing ones, to maintain customer satisfaction and increase revenue flow.


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Together, operating efficiency, IT reliability, and sophisticated analytics and configuration tools are the new trident of delivering value to service providers. Amdocs Compact Convergence is proud to be at the forefront of these abilities.

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About the Author:
Adi is the head of Customer Operation for Amdocs Compact Convergence (ACC). Adi joined Amdocs in 2007 as part of the acquisition of SigValue (Known today as ACC).
He is now responsible for the ACC Global Managed Services, ACC Operation and ACC product support.
Prior to joining Amdocs, Adi served as the head of Delivery in SigValue, active in the field of Real Time Billing and Value Added Services for Wireless and Wireline service providers.

Before that he held various engineering leadership positions in the Israeli telecom industry.

How managed services can efficiently offer new value to service providers