Keeping the customer experience alive and well

Keeping the customer experience alive and well

We’ve all heard the corporate cliché – the customer is king, but providing a consistent royal treatment can sometimes be challenging. While supporting the holistic lifecycle management of your customers sounds easy enough, that isn’t always the case.

Supporting a multitude of client ecosystems creates difficulties in maintaining a single view of anything, let alone your customers’ activities. What we’ve noticed is that, in many instances, organizations are using external 3rd party software to empower their sales organizations. While this approach may be good for the sales team, it adds an additional layer of complexity in achieving that much needed holistic view.

To overcome this hurdle, many organizations have pursued a spectrum of crude integrations that feed data into their billing systems. In some cases this consists of driving orders via APIs, while other examples include using Salesforce (SFDC) for lead and opportunity management, and manually keying in orders generated by sales. The common thread is that the product, account and service model is limited to the SFDC model. This limits the valuable data stored in your billing and customer care systems.

There is a better way. Working with Salesforce, we have extended their model to create a mechanism that leverages Amdocs Optima assets in the SFDC platform – Amdocs Optima Salesforce Connector.

This connector consists of extended customer/account, billing, catalog and order objects on the SFDC platform. In addition, there is a set of RESTful services that enable many use cases, including new customer acquisition, order creation, invoice management, account hierarchies and others. The advantages of the Amdocs Optima data model on the SFDC platform include:

  • Amdocs Optima-specific account and services attributes are able to impact rating, financials, collections and other processes
  • Account bills that can be viewed through the SFDC interface, and charge adjustments can be applied at the line item level
  • Rudimentary SFDC account hierarchy capabilities that are enhanced to enable billing and charge relationships between accounts
  • Extensible objects in Amdocs Optima that are dynamically visible in SFDC


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